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The devs behind Moonlighter have just released their League Of Legends spin-off RPG

The Mageseeker is out now

After bingeing the Netflix show Arcane and getting hooked on the world of League Of Legends, I was disappointed to find there weren’t too many single-player games for those who aren’t the MOBA-type of keyboard mashers. The top-down action RPG The Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story is looking to fix that, though, letting you play as the ex-convict and buff mage Sylas while he’s busy running a revolution. It comes from the developers behind the Zelda-like shop roguelite Moonlighter, and it's out now.

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Mageseeker is currently sitting at a “Very Positive” rating on Steam with fans enjoying its beautiful pixel art and deep dive into League’s lore. My favourite review from the bunch explains that “One of the big problems with League Of Legends is that you have to play it with League Of Legends players.” That’s a very fair criticism, and they naturally continue to say that Mageseeker “is great because so far I haven’t had to interact with a League Of Legends player in any way.”

So, yes, sounds exactly like what I was looking for. A standalone story in the League universe, without the sweaty multiplayer clicking or those pesky players I’ve been warned about. In fairness, the only League Of Legends player I ever met was my admittedly very nice and very old chemistry teacher, but I’d still rather bash baddies on my own.

Developer Digital Sun’s last game, Moonlighter, was a chill roguelite split between running a shop during the day before venturing out into magical caves at night to fight monsters. You’d then restock your shop’s shelves with items you collected the night before. It was great, and Mageseeker seems to have carried over its beautiful art style and expanded its action-packed melee combat with bombastic abilities (sending my love, grappling hooks). Moonlighter’s shop management is the only thing missing, although you will be able to upgrade your base and recruit new mages, so not all is lost.

While you wait for a second season of Arcane, The Mageseeker will be available on consoles and PC through Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store for £25/€30/$30.

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