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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Delayed Into 2016

If you hadn't guessed

As the end of the year approaches, a whole load of games optimistically slated to launch "in 2015" are about to become formally late. Such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends [official site], Bethesda's free-to-play CCG. When they announced it at E3, it was due to launch this year. Now it's not.

In other news about The Elder Scrolls facing a tough time aping Blizzard, The Elder Scrolls Online folks ZeniMax Online have reportedly all but closed their European customer services office in Ireland, which had employed around 300 people. [Update: or maybe not!]

Asked last week on Twitter whether TES Legends would make its planned 2015 launch, Bethesda PR chap Pete Hines replied "I think it's safe to say it's not coming in the next 15 days." It probably is safe to say that.

We've not really seen anything of TES Legends. Its announcement during E3 in June only brought a trailer with some colourful drawings. I don't think we've even seen how it plays? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it broadly resembles Magic: The Gathering - and therefore Blizzard's Hearthstone. Call it a hunch.

As for ZeniMax Online, the Connacht Tribune reports that the customer services office employing around 300 people in Galway is essentially closed, with only five or six people left. Crumbs. Supposedly they might staff up again if needed, but sheesh. This isn't the first round of huge layoffs there, but looks like it may be the last. Best of luck to all affected.

Oh, but: Bethesda have since told Eurogamer that no, that's not true - the ZeniMax team let about 50 people go in mid-August, but that's all.

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