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Bad Medicine: The Evil Within Trailer

Looking a mite Resident Evil 4-ish

Mysterious things, boxes. What's in them? Biscuits, cats, our wife's severed head... we simply won't know until we open them. How enigmatic this makes The Evil Within's villainous Boxman, so named because he's a man with a box on his head. What ever could this box contain! It's quite comforting, though. Seeing Boxman and co in a new trailer for the scare-o-shooter reminds me of Resident Evil 4, which is certainly welcome. We've got cruel countryfolk, silly science, mansion deathtraps, honking great fleshy monsters, and characters taking very seriously things which are quite absurd.

Capcom have clearly lost the knack of making good Resident Evil games, not to mention that it's drowning with tons of horrible lore pushing it down into dark waters, but perhaps other people can nail that tone. To a wall. Then write something cryptic in blood. Then a shocked character cries "Wha- what is this!"

See, it's in development at Tango Gameworks under the direction of Shinji Mikami, who directed Resident Evil and RE4 then went off to direct crackers like God Hand and Vanquish. These were huge games with huge development teams, of course, but things he's been director on have historically turned out quite nice indeed. The Evil Within's due out on August 29.

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