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The Falconeer just let loose a free DLC that lets you be a proper pirate

You can now commit serious high skies piracy

Avian combat 'em up The Falconeer has doubled back for another fly-by. The very pretty falcon dogfighting game has just gotten a free DLC called Atun's Folly which adds some new missions and enemies and lets you become a more dastardly pirate than before. You can get a look at what's arrived in the update in its new trailer right here.

Announced during the Wired Direct presentation, the Atun's Folly DLC has launched today. Developer Tomas Sala explained that there wasn't much to being a pirate in The Falconeer previously. You could attack allies and be hunted down for it, but that was about it. With the Atun's Folly udpate you can now become a pirate proper by attacking traders, stealing and reselling their loot, and paying off the authorities to reduce your wanted level. You can also visit the pirate city on the back of that giant turtle up there. You can spot some more details from Sala during the livestream.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Falconeer | Atun's Folly Trailer | Wired Direct

In her The Falconeer review, Sin says it's an extremely pretty game with some fun aerial combat, despite some concerns like finicky controls . "Its big fights are superb, particularly one where some factional skulduggery demanded that I only pretend to fight a hostile force, while actually letting it blow up a neutral base so my side could say at least we tried," she says. "When the birds and the dinos are swooping all over, and those lumbering airships are distracted by the boats, tempting you to dip into the water to pick up a mine and drop it on them… yeah, that’s some damn fine dogfighting. But it does get samey."

It sounds like the new update will chuck in more of the best parts, then. A new settlement with new missions and enemies seems likely to shake up your encounters for a bit.

The Falconeer has also had a few updates and the free Kraken DLC since its launch already. You can find The Falconeer and its DLCs over on Steam and in the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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