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Bulwark is a building/strategy successor to The Falconeer's air combat

A genre-flipped sequel

Tradition is, if you want to build some interest and mystery around your early-in-development game, you plop out a trailer that shows nothing of the actual game in action. Bulwark goes the other way. The reveal trailer for the building-strategy followup to The Falconeer is nothing but the game being played - yet it's all the more mysterious and fascinating for it.

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There's an almost Townscaper-like magic to the way structures seemed to be dragged out from one another, towers connecting with walls, piers stretching to become lighthouses, lighthouses expanding to become manmade islands. It makes conceptual sense of the name.

What I can't discern is the consequences of those building decisions, and this isn't a pure toy like Townscaper. "Design-Develop-Defend", says the description, and the closing moments of the trailer show boats, airships, and missiles being launched at dragons.

That fighty turn makes a lot of sense given Bulwark is a successor to The Falconeer, a flight combat game about piloting a giant bird. Sin had a great time with it in her Falconeer review back in 2020, while yearning for a sequel that would explore its ideas more fully. Bulwark switches genres and so looks to go in a whole new direction, but the connection to the same universe is interesting.

There's not a lot of other detail about Bulwark for now, but developer Tomas Sala has been tweeting about its creation for a while if you want to follow along. Sala says the game has at least a year of development left to go.

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