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Derailed: The Final Station's Only Traitor DLC adds cars

DLC out tomorrow

The Final Station [official site] is a game about a train choo-chooing through a post-apocalyptic world, gathering survivors along the way. Split into two sections - on-train management and off-train exploration and baddy-biffing - it's a side-scrolling survival action game that our Graham found just about pleasant enough. Tomorrow sees the release of a DLC pack called The Only Traitor, which ditches the train in favour of a car. How much that'll actually change the systems, I don't know, but it all looks quite familiar.

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It's an expanded version of the game rather than simply a new take on the same features. New enemies and locations, as well as personal traits for survivors, should mix things up, and the car can only carry one passenger as opposed to the trainload of survivors in the original. But most of the game took place outside the train in the original game and those sections don't appear to have changed enormously. Here's the official word:

While the train is heading to The Final Station, you are going on a road trip through the dying world, with the ultimate goal of finding the last remaining shelter. You’ll discover new locations, revisit familiar places, encounter new dangerous enemies, and find more clues about the mystery of Visitations.

Key Features:
Explore new locations
Venture through previously unexplored territories starting in the western deserts, and revisit some familiar places from the main storyline.

Fight new enemies
Encounter brand new monsters and other types of unexpected enemies!

Choose your companions
Each survivor now has personal traits, abilities (such as crafting or medic), and stories to tell. You can have only one companion at a time in your car, so choose who you want to travel with wisely!

Explore the world of The Final Station in-depth
Get answers to some unresolved questions, and learn personal stories about the characters you met in the main game.

I think I'll still be turning to Death Road to Canada for my monstrous road trips, but this might be just the ticket for anyone who did have a blast with the original release. Before I leave, it's very important that I bring Train to Busan to the attention of people who haven't already heard of it. It's a Korean horror film about a train ploughing through a zombie outbreak and I love it. Come for the zombies, stay for the delightfully wicked corporate bastard. Best horror movie villain in recent times.

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