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All Aboard the Post-Apocalyptic Choo-Choo: The Final Station Out This August 

Choo choo!

The Final Station [official site] is preparing for its maiden voyage on August 30. You're the conductor of one of the last running trains after a zombie outbreak has ravaged the earth. Players chug through the wasted landscape, pistol in tow, collecting supplies and survivors, while making sure the undead don't find a way to snack on your face in the process.

Alec played the game in beta, and it seems like The Final Station will be quite challenging. Supplies, including ammo, are scarce, meaning every shot counts when you're out scouting abandoned stations. You can use the environment to your advantage, though, throwing the varied detritus scattered across the land (i.e. toilets) to take out your foes. You may have to explore these abandoned areas completely, too, in order to uncover a pass code that will unlock your train and allow you to move on.

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The Final Station includes some interesting sim elements as well. On board the train, you'll have to ration food and medicine to care for your survivors. Gathering loot at abandoned stations means you'll be able to craft extra supplies and gear to aid you on your journey. Passengers can die if you mismanage your supplies but, as tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik assures us, "if they die on your train (during travels between stations), you can loot them for a small reward." Cheery!

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