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The First Descendant brings Warframe style looter shooting this July

I’m not that GaaSed about it

Key art from The First Descendant, showing a space fantasy soldier staring at an ongoing battle.
Image credit: Nexon

Warframe-like “Next-gen looter shooter” The First Descendant releases this Summer, July 2nd 2024. The ‘next-gen’ part probably refers to Unreal Engine 5, and fair’s fair, it’s a real looker this one. The below trailer is mainly scripted or edited bits, but having played a chunk of the last technical test, there’s some genuinely impressive sci-fi vistas to behold, as well as some absolutely massive bosses. Click on the trailer below, until the purple hat or whatever it is you kids grind for these days, pops out with a synapse-tickling noise workshopped by psychologists for eighteen months.

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This one’s a four player co-op joint, where you’ll team up to shoot dudes, collect loot, shoot more dudes, collect more loot, tweak your loadout, pay a weekly shopping bill’s worth of cash for a fancy shirt probably, collect more loot, then fight a very large boss. Each of the characters have different elemental abilities, and there’s also a grappling hook in there somewhere why not. The idea is, I take it, to chain abilities and movement tech together in a sort of free-flowing violence dance, ala Warframe. The game also promises ‘solo’ missions, for those of you that don’t trust your existing mates to not mess up your sick grappling hook combos. I would probably buy an art book for this one, honestly, even I'm unlikely to end up playing it. It’s got every GaaS hallmark you can imagine, and thus I remain both intrigued and wary about letting it anywhere near my house.

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