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The Game Awards will include announcements for games you can play immediately

Likely just demos, unless?

Winterly trophy-slinging event The Game Awards, like Geoff Keighley's E3 replacement event over the summer, is once again a full on digital festival. Mostly that means you can buy games on sale and play demos for games that you might want to buy while you watch trailers and announcements for games you'll buy years from now. Oh, and the awards. They do schedule awards breaks between the commercials. The sale begins today, but they say that there will be even more playable games announced during the show tomorrow night.

The Game Awards Festival sale is taking place over on Steam where you can find discounts on several of the nominees for different awards categories. Doom Eternal is on pretty steep sale once again, as are Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Hades, Crusader Kings 3, and Desperados 3 all have bites taken out of their prices too, among other things.

As for the demos, you can find them on Steam and on GeForce Now. The big name there looks to be a demo for upcoming horror platformer Little Nightmares 2, though there are some other nice-looking games there along with it.

The Game Awards also say that "more playable titles will be announced in the coming days and during The Game Awards." I admit that's the part I'm most interested in because I'm a simple creature who can be excited by a cool trailer followed by the words "and you can play it right now!"

I do wonder if we'll get anything as neat as Hades being announced and released in early access during the show in 2018. They probably mean more playable demos in addition to the ones currently in the festival, but hey a woman can dream.

The Game Awards will premiere tomorrow, that's Thursday, December 10th, at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT/12am GMT. It will be live all sorts of places, including YouTube and Twitch. The sale runs from now until Monday, December 14th.

Do spare a kind word for your RPS writers who will be up at that dangerous hour delivering you the news. Not me though, I'll be sitting right here off the clock hoping something good comes of that Dragon Age 4 reveal and praying to all that's good that the mysterious monoliths don't turn out to be somehow involved.

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