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The Great Whale Road Disembarks On Early Access

Don your viking hats!

Vikings ho! The Great Whale Road [official site] has just launched on Steam Early Access. It's Sunburned Games' first project--a seafaring RPG based on Danish legend, in which you help a host of beardy warriors prepare for the impending winter months.

The game employs turn-based tactical mechanics with some cards thrown into the mix. The Great Whale Road is divided into two seasons. The chilly winter months have you hunkered down in your hall sipping mead and preparing for the glorious summer months ahead. Once warm weather arrives, the seafaring portion of the game begins, where you'll visit neighboring settlements and battle your foes. Each year presents its own mission, on top of all of the hunting, gathering, and pillaging you'll have to do to keep your own village well fed.

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The Great Whale Road is £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam Early Access.

So far players have access to one settlement, although you'll be able to choose which warband to lead when the game is in full release. The current version features the Danish, but will eventually also include the Northumbrians, Picts, and the Franks. Sunburned has plans to bring The Great Whale Road to Mac and Linux, too.

The team at Sunburned expect The Great Whale Road will be properly launch in 5-6 months, some time this winter. They plan to keep fans updated throughout the development process via their blog.

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