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Doyathinkysaurus? The Hunter: Primal

Hunting dinosaurs

Didja see that Jurassic World trailer? Cor! All those dinosaurs, running around and causing trouble like that. I don't know what they expected to happen, not after last time.

With dinomania on the rise, The Hunter developers Expansive Worlds have announced a reptilian spin-off of their hunting sim. It looks like it'll end the same way as every other attempt to use dinosaurs for jollies. Folk will track and hunt dinosaurs across an alien world, which somehow is a dinopremise we don't see much; dinogames tend to do cartoony things like battles or dinoriding.

Expansive Worlds don't have much to say about exactly what The Hunter: Primal is, but presumably that's because it doesn't seem necessary to them - because it's The Hunter with Dinosaurs. They say in the announcement:

We hope that theHunter: Primal will complement the regular hunting experience of some of our players, as the game is a little more fast paced and has more focus on survival and exploration. Not to mention hunting (or in fact being hunted by) dinosaurs.

While plain old The Hunter is all subscriptions and microtransactions, Primal will be a one-off purchase. I haven't played The Hunter myself, but it's appeared several times in The Flare Path and if it's good enough for Tim Stone, who am I to doubt? I mean, other than feeling weirdest out by hunting and killing for sport, even in video games, where I'll gladly blow men's faces off simply because they were there.

Oh, it's Dinosaur Planet.

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