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The Last Door Season 2 Knocking On Early Access

The Playwright arrives

In Season two of the The Last Door,
You'll delve further into the Veil as Dr. Wakefield, from before.
You know, the psychiatrist of Season 1’s Jeremiah Devitt,
Who's now out in search of his client who hath split.
Now caught up in a web of lies and deceit,
The doctor's search widens, past England's back streets.
Will he locate his patient, that he doth look for?
Or will he find that he, too, is lost in the search of the Last Door?

Okay, so I'm no poet, but it's Halloween and that's the best Edgar Allan Poe impression I've got. The Game Kitchen's Poe/Lovecraftian-inspired 2D point and click horror game The Last Door [official site] has started its second season on Steam Early Access.

The Last Door: Season 2's first episode is named The Playwright. Releasing on Early Access, say the developers, means players can gain access to each new episode as it becomes available there - the sum of which is expected to be ready by "early 2016", complete with bonus features such "mini-sodes" and Steam trading cards, if that's the kinda thing that floats yer boat.

If you're put off by another retro-inspired pixel art game, don't be - it's very much worth playing. In the spirit of All Hallows' Evening, publishers Phoenix Online have put season one on sale with a 75% discount; just use the code "PUMPKIN50".

The Last Door: Season 2 is on Steam Early Access for £5.59. Here's the old S2 announcement trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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