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Tölva devs sneak The Light Keeps Us Safe into early access

Robopocalypse now

Strange and terrible mechanical things await you in The Light Keeps Us Safe, the new first-person stealth game from the makers of The Signal From Tölva and the makers of Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The apocalypse has come and here we are, creeping through procedurally-generated landscapes, dodging robots and traps and hoping that our high-tech torch is enough to keep them at bay. It launched into early access today, expecting a full launch in about six months. And looks too spooky for me, going by the new trailer. Cracking name, though.

That bit at the end where the magical torch reveals unseen robocruft spiderwebbed across the world? No thank you.

Right so, there we are, an idiot with a torch, emerging from our bunker into lands where machines reign. We'll be exploring, hiding from the robots, solving puzzles, dealing with traps, and experiencing, according to developers Big Robot, "a grim sense of existential threat". Or Thursdays, as I call 'em. Jokes.

The Light Keeps Us Safe is now on Steam Early Access for £15.49/€16.79/$19.99. Big Robot expect to launch The Light in full "around" March 2019, and have laid out an early access roadmap detailing what they plan to add in each phase of development. New biomes, enemies, puzzles, and more will be added over time, as well as the full story. They already took their first game, Sir, successfully through early access so they should know what they're doing here.

I believe one of those there fancy 'feature writers' will be having a look at this soonish to tell us all what they think. No promises, though.

Disclosure: Big Robot's Jim Rossignol was a founding member of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. He's been gone a while now.

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