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Big Robot building more bots in The Light Keeps Us Safe

It's not at all suspicious that Big Robot keep cranking out deathbots, is it?

Staying true to their name, Big Robot are sending more yet big robots to get us in their third game. The makers of The Signal From Tölva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted today announced The Light Keeps Us Safe, a stealth game creeping through the apocalypse while robots are out to get you and your path is filled with traps. A bit like a visit to Dixons. The Light Keeps Us Safe is due to hit early access in October ahead of a launch in early 2019, and for now you peek through your fingers at the announcement trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Update: "The robotness of our antagonists in this game is actually ambiguous", Big Robot's Jim Rossignol has since claimed. Counterpoint: they're metal lads and doodads and therefore undeniably robots. Bit suspicious that these 'Big Robot' sorts are trying to push the boundary of what is and isn't a robot. Makes you wonder.

More than just part of a snappy name, apparently 'The Light' is some thing with some powers we can use to help us somehow. Big Robot are quiet about details and concrete examples for now, y'see.

They do say that, unlike Tove Lo's Signal, The Light Keeps Us Safe will call back to SYABH (Mr. Loverman...) with procedurally-generated worlds that are different each time. Oh, and the narrator is voiced by Louise Stewart - who you might know as a regular on BBC Scotland sketch show Burnistoun.

The Light Keeps Us Safe will launch on Steam Early Access on October 11th. The plan is to start with "a large, fully-playable slice" then add more biomes, enemies, and polish while working towards a full launch in March 2019.

Disclosure: Jim Rossignol of Big Robot co-founded this very website. I think I've met him twice? Skyped a half-dozen times too? Dunno. Oh, and Burnistoun co-creator Rab Florence had a board game column on RPS. I have not met him but I did see Burnistoun Live and it was dead good.

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