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The Midlife Of Crysis - Crytek's Third En Route?

While struggling to think up a headline pun to accompany the unsurprising news that there's almost certainly going to be a third (well, fourth technically speaking) Crysis game, the 'crap rhymes' part of my imagination dredged up No Way Sis, who were at one time deemed the UK's premier Oasis tribute act and enjoyed far too much success of their own. Even a hit single. What a terrible, terrible world this can be.

Anyway, Crysis 3. A spot of digging by Neogaf and Eurogamer's German arm has turned up assorted hints that Crytek's third nanosuit oddyssey is due for a reveal soon. They even found a picture of a Crysis dude with a bow and arrow. Which seems sort of incongruous to the nanosuit, but maybe the Strength mode will enable us to shoot arrows that fly for over 20 miles. EXTREME HUNTING.

The rumour-hunters even found an apparent pre-order page for Crysis 3 on Origin - $49.99 to you, boss. On top of that is a cover for Swedish mag GameReactor which seems to support the theory, and Crytek have previously hinted at an April reveal for something or other.

It's looking more than likely, then. No doubt an American magazine will be released with a big exclusive cover feature any day now.
Surprised, I am not. Question is whether Crysis will return to semi-non-linear, man-hunting roots or continue mining the Big Fact Science Fiction Rollercoaster Adventure vein that it went flat-out for in Crysis 2. Here's a trailer, anyway:

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