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The next weird journey into Off-Peak City is an RPG

I adore Cosmo D's surreal and musical world

Cosmo D will this summer invite us back to his weird and wonderful world of Off-Peak City for another strange caper. With Betrayal At Club Low, the surreal adventure game series will grow into a bit of a mini-RPG, complete with stats and dice—including a Pizza Dice. This time we're an undercover agent trying to rescue a fellow operative from a nightclub in a former coffin factory, and oh I'm excited for more of Cosmo D's strange sights and excellent music.

Cover image for YouTube videoBetrayal At Club Low - Teaser Trailer

So, off we go into this weird nightclub, another place filled with delightful garish bricolage. This time, our covert mission is "inspired by short, punchy, independent zine RPGs," Cosmo D says, and "evokes the feel of a one-off tabletop session". And it is an RPG, with seven stats: Athletics, Cooking, Deception, Music, Observation, Wisdom, and Wit. A great selection of stats. We'll roll dice to use these, and upgrade our skills by upgrading faces of these dice. Plus there's a Pizza Dice, obvs.

I'm going hard on Athletics and Music, I think, hoping to tear up that dancefloor. Apparently the game has 11 different possible endings, as well as mutators and new modes to shake things up. Quite curious about that.

Betrayal At Club Low is headed Steam and Itch.io this summer, hitting Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I adore how Cosmo D's games look, these garish worlds decorated with people's obsessions, and I adore how they sound with his music. We've praised the series plenty across the years. Pip and I explored Off-Peak together. Adam had good words to say about his stay in The Norwood Suite. And even Nate, who is usually nervous around this sort of thing, liked Tales From Off-Peak City.

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