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The Old Ways takes Apex Legends out hunting, brings back King's Canyon for good

Do you smell blood?

Apex Legends has some neat characters, sure. But a masked, non-binary big game hunter who's crawled outta Old Norse mythology by way of Chernobyl backed by a pack of crows? I think Bloodhound might take the top spot. This month, Respawn are finally giving Blothhundr their due with The Old Ways, a two-week lore event that finally gives the hunter some worthy prey - and some cosmetics too, I guess.

But first, we get a look back at Bloodhound's home life with the space vikings, as they don their bizarre headgear for the first time and learn - as any ApeLegs player will tell you - not to pick up a charge rifle if you can't handle the kickback.

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I'd still like to be friends with a crow. It seems neat.

Of course, a hunter needs something to hunt - and a free-to-play shooter event needs a hook. Like with Octane's racetrack in King's Canyon, Bloodhound is getting their own themed region on World's Edge. The relatively-unused Northwest of the map is now Bloodhound's Trials, an enclosed reserve full of high-tier loot. Tempting? Well, it's not other players you'll need to keep an eye out for, mind - Bloodhound's Trials is swarming with Prowlers, vicious Titanfall dog-dinos that have set up shop in this corner of Apex.

Naturally, there's a whole heap of cosmetics to unlock - including a bony replica of Bloodhound's hometown outfit. As per, these are unlocked through the now-standard event tracker, with more variations rotating in and out of the in-game store. Cosmetics from Legendary Hunt are also making a brief comeback.

Beyond Bloodhound, there are some sizeable changes coming to ApeLegs. After teasing its return in various forms for months, Kings Canyon is coming back for good on rotation with World's Edge. It'll be playable in the base game's trios or the new, permanent Duos mode.

I'm not sure how I feel about the latter, mind - for me, Duos never felt tangibly different enough from the base game, besides having fewer guns to cover your back. These additions go live when The Old Ways kicks off on Tuesday 7th, with the Bloodhound event running 'til April 21st.

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