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The Plucky Squire is a 2D storybook adventure with a gorgeous 3D twist

The new game from The Swords Of Ditto dev

Well, isn't this a lovely surprise? Arguably the highlight from Devolver's Countdown To Marketing stream this evening, The Plucky Squire is the next game from the creator of Swords Of Ditto - and it looks an absolute peach. See what I mean in the reveal trailer below.

Made by Jonathan Biddle of Ditto fame and former Game Freak artist James Turner (who worked on Pokemon Sword and Shield) who have banded together to form new studio All Possible Futures, The Plucky Squire is a gorgeous blend of 2D cell-shading and stunning 3D playroom environments. In fact, I reckon it might just be every single game in one, going by that trailer. There's sword-fighting, Punch-Out!!-style boxing, top-down adventuring, sides-crolling sh'umping... Everything, I tell you, everything!

Honestly, I didn't see that 2D-3D twist coming at all. What starts out looking like a cute 2D Zelda-like set inside a children's storybook suddenly transforms into a Toy Story-esque romp where your little squire goes clambering around said child's little bedroom. It looks like he'll be able to jump into all manner of other objects round the room, too, including a mug and what appears to be a big plastic chocolates tub. Or maybe it's this world's version of Lego. Something circular and conducive to side-scrolling shoot 'em up-ing anyhow.

Jot will be joined by a handful of friends on his journey, too. We don't see them in the trailer, but the artwork suggests we'll get a wizard with a paintbrush (someone get Chicory on the phone), and a goblin pal who seems to be wielding a pair of drumsticks. Whether it will also support local or online co-op like Swords Of Ditto does remains to be seen, though.

Alas, The Plucky Squire isn't due out on Steam until 2023, but in the meantime, why not stick it on your wishlist, eh?

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