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The Real Texas Gets "Mini-Sequel" And Steam Release

Real weird

Some of us missed The Real Texas [official site] when it came out back in 2012 because some of us are bad at our jobs. If you are also bad at things and missed it, worry no more, because it has come to Steam in the form of a special 'Dusty Skies Edition', which includes a new "mini-sequel" about a floating eye called Cellpop who grew up in a shopping mall. Okay then.

The Real Texas takes place in a verdant England and an odd purgatory dimension. You play as Sam, a ranger from Texas, exploring the strange place and helping people out according to your honourable cowboy code. It bills itself as a mix of Ultima IV and Zelda: Link to the Past, with stop-and-shoot combat, hidden areas, and conversational NPCs. You can also type certain words to these NPCs and if you hit upon a topic that they know something about, you might learn more about them. This is what it all looks like.

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Meanwhile, the new adventure, Cellpop Goes Out At Night, is 1-2 hours long and sees you taking control of a pink and green floating eye-thing, with a Mom that loves to give advice. The shopping mall you grew up in has had its communications cut off from the rest of the world. Now nobody goes past the fence, the trains stopped running, and no visitors come to do their shopping. Something isn't right.

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Both the main game and its fresh DLC have lots of secrets to discover, says the creator, Kitty Lambda.

"In fact, there are some things that still haven't been figured out (to my knowledge) in four years... So I made it an achievement."

Cellpop Goes Out At Night is about £2.51/3,59€/$3.59 on Steam, GOG, and Itch. Or both original and mini-sequel are about £7 together in the same places.

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