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The Repopulation Is About To Get Populated

Super-ambitious sandbox MMO The Repopulation has raised a bit of cash on Kickstarter, and that's helping to propel them forward into their alpha test. The game is intent on doing things a little differently, allowing players to mess about crafting and building bases, and not just questing and all that usual MMO fare. Being set on an alien planet where human forces are struggling against both the locals and each other, it's looking disturbingly like doomed sci-fi MMOs Earthrise and Tabula Rasa, but perhaps these chaps can get it right. They're only a small team, and taking on something vast, so they could do with your help - assuming, that is, that an open-ended space MMO with both PvE and PvP possibilities actually grabs your interest. Sign up for the alpha test just here.

Trailer south of here.

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You know, I can't get the innuendo implicit in the title of this MMO out of my head. A game called "The Repopulation" can really only be about one thing. And thats, well, makin' babies. Eh? Not seen any of that in the trailers so far.

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