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The Rise Of Captain Longbeard Setting Sail To VR

A pirate's life for you

The Rise of Captain Longbeard is Colopl NI's latest push into VR gaming. Coming to Steam Early Access during the holidays, it's a game that, well, it lets you be a pirate. Ah, to be a pirate. Or a sailor. Whichever is more appropriate for the phrase "a tall ship and a star to sail 'er by," which happens to be one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. RIP, Gene Wilder.

You'll play as Robert Youngfellow, the chap who will eventually cocoon himself into a chrysalis made of Jolly Roger flags and eyepatches to emerge as Captain Longbeard, the scourge of the seven seas. Of course, everybody hates pirates, and Longbeard will find himself under siege by other pirates, sea creatures and other obstacles. Sounds like a lot of trouble for a measly little treasure chest.

You'll sail around the world to ports of call across four main islands and eight satellite islands, steal treasure, buy booze, and solve puzzles. It sounds a lot like going on a cruise, right down to calling yourself Captain Longbeard.

It's out for Vive on Steam Early Access for the holidays, so if you're looking to ask where the rum's gone or do a dizzy dance around the crackling yule logs, it should come just in time for the festivities.

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