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The RPS BFBC2 Server

Hurrah for the UK's excellent online gaming service Multiplay, for they have given us a Battlefield Bad Company 2 server of our very own. They're one of the companies hosting servers for the game, should you be interested in such things, and they can be rented here. Read on below for more RPS server stuff.

Okay, the easiest way to get onto the server is to type Rock, Paper, Shotgun into the server browser's search bar. It should pop right up. It's a 24-man Rush server at the moment.

I've passworded it for now to allow RPSers to get on, the password is: sundaypapers

It's all default settings and stuff, but I imagine we'll tweak it over time. So, thanks again to Multiplay, and go have fun.

EDIT: Regarding passwording, I'm going to leave it off by default and password at peak times to reserve it for RPS readers. The password will remain the same.

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