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The Sims 4: Realm Of Magic looks pretty Pottery

This looks familiar

I’ve burnt my feet in a fireplace, severely concussed myself in Kings Cross station, and my mugshot hangs in every owl sanctuary throughout the land. It’s fair to say that Hogwarts just doesn’t want me, but that's okay, as I’ve sniffed out a potential replacement. The next The Sims 4 game pack Realm Of Magic might not be an entirely original prospect, but since we’re still waiting on a proper Potter game, it might be the best we have for now.

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Send your Sim through a glowing portal without due care and you get what you deserve, which in this case is a trip to Glimmerbrook, a place where your Sim can craft a whole new magical persona. The floating town is home to spellcasters who are eager to teach the sort of spells that would make Ginny Weasley write excitedly in her diary. Make folk fall in love, turn them into armchairs, or remove curses if you want to. There's even the option to have magical duals, which is just asking for trouble.

There are magical beasts to play with as well, The Sims version of a Patronus, that you can summon and name. And, of course, it all comes with a new gothy wardrobe to pick through, matching wands and brooms to choose, and new props to plop down.

I'm not trying to be dismissive when I place this at the feet of Harry and his friends, but this wouldn't have existed without it. I'm also not joking about wanting a really good Harry Potter game. I want to live and learn in Hogwarts, properly.

Realm of Magic comes to PC on 10th September.

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