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Reimagined: The Spatials Galactology Hits Early Access 

Spatial brew

The Spatials, you may recall, is a space colony-building strategy sim which Adam said happily engaged his brain but didn't test his patience. Alice once described it as Theme Park/Theme Hospital in space with guns and, going by the screenshots and trailers I've seen, I couldn't argue with that. A year and a bit since release, The Spatials is now being reimagined as "an even deeper, more rewarding simulation game," say Barcelona-based developers Weird and Wry and its latest iteration, The Spatials: Galactology [official site], has just landed on Early Access.

Oh, and if you owned the original, and purchased it via Steam on or before July 5, you can get the new 'un for free. Trailer time:

The real-time building and populating of a space station, complete with utilities and amenities, might look familiar but the aim of the Early Accessed rethink is to use the iterative process to build a community around the new game, say Weird and Wry. Moving forward, they plan to publish new builds on a monthly basis and they've also provided a link to their development road map, where you can peruse the game's planned upcoming features, although it's without solid dates for the time being.

Anyway, what's new, you ask? Well, Galactology offers new items, new structures to build, new trade routes, planets with new variables, and full Steam Workshop support - something absent entirely from its forerunner. Again, it's free if you already own the first one, however The Spatials: Galactology is out now on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac, where it costs £7.49/$9.74/9,74€ until July 14.

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