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The Spy, Meet The Ambassador

Confused about what's going on with Snipers and Spies and updates? Yeah, me too. Tuesday was originally thought to be the launch day for the Sniper update. Two unlocks were revealed, along with a new game mode, and then the switcheroo happened. Now it's a Spy update, two unlocks were revealed at once, then yesterday the Meet The Spy video made an encore appearance, along with the achievement titles. Today... a Spy unlock. And it's the pistol upgrade everyone was hoping for.

The Ambassador is a big, heavy gun, described as having "ammo count of a revolver and the pinpoint accuracy of a sniper rifle". However, you can't feather the trigger here - there's a cool down after every shot fired. There's scant details about it here. As for when this goes live - someone in the comments will know. They always do.

Meanwhile, if you haven't been following the escapades on the TF2 blog, I strongly urge you to read this week's updates. After Sunday's leaking of the Meet The Spy video, Robin Walker has been on a systematic hunt to find out who at Valve was responsible, firing everyone he's met along the way.

"Yeah, Robin?"
"Ah, come in, Matt. How's the family?"
"Oh. Uh, good. What's this ab—"
"Top drawer. How about your little boy? He getting better at the ol' soccer?"
"Football. No, not really."
"Do you think he'd be any good at cleaning out your desk by five?"
"I —"
"Because you're fired."

It seems at some point during this he fired Gabe Newell, which was an impressive powerplay.

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