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The Steam Autumn Sale is on, as are Steam Awards nominations

Get in, we're going shopping

Oh dear, is it that time already? Yes indeed, the Steam Autumn Sale has arrived, bringing the seasonal discounts on thousands of games. Awards season is upon as as well, so they've opened up nominations for the yearly Steam Awards. You can vote and reap the discounts from now until December 1st at 10am PST / 6pm GMT.

Hit Steam for the full blast. As ever, there are a metric bajillion games on sale. Wouldn't be a Steam sale otherwise. I'll be making sense of the lot later along with everyone else, but for now I've cherry picked a few selections from this year that might tickle your fancy.

Every year there are games I've been anticipating for a while that, come launch day, I realize I just don't have the time or cash to justify snagging. "Maybe I'll be more motivated when there's a sale," I tell myself. In that spirit, here's a few of this year's releases that have a decent discount already as spoken of highly by RPS's reviewers:

Deep Rock Galactic (30% discount) - Previously in early access, this co-op dwarf mining FPS game smashed out a full release in May. RPS's Deep Rock Galactic review calls it a gem that's more than the sum of its parts—which are Left 4 Dead and Minecraft inspired, for what it's worth.

Desperados 3 (40% discount) - This tactical cowboy stealth game is the one I feel most guilty for not taking on a spin yet, as I thoroughly enjoyed Mimimi Games' previous Shadow Tactics stealth game. Our Desperadoes 3 review calls it just as brilliant as Shadow Tactics, so I'm still keen.

Röki (40% discount) - This snowy, Scandinavian point-and-click 'em up is a mystery full of puzzles and mysteries. Our Röki review says that despite the cute aesthetic it's surprisingly deep and impactful and one of few close relatives to What Remains Of Edith Finch.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps (50% discount) - The sequel to the very good platforming game Ori And The Blind Forest was also quite good. Our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps review calls it mesmerising. It sure is just at lovely to look at as its predecessor.

Doom Eternal (67% discount) - It's Doom. You know Doom. It's a pretty good Doom too, I hear. Our Doom Eternal review says it's dazzling and has all sorts of kind words for the Super Shotgun's grappling hook.

There ya go, that's a start on your Steam sale shopping.

As for the awards, you've got until December 1st to nominate some of your own favourites in 10 categories. This year adds categories for "Best soundtrack and "Sit back and relax".

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