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The Steam News Hub now officially rounds up news and patch notes for what you're playing

Games! Games! Read all about 'em.

Valve have handed over a diploma to their latest Steam Labs experiment, the Steam News Hub, which helps you keep tabs on what's new and happening in all the games you own—and also games Steam thinks you might like to own. You can find the latest from both developer updates and gaming websites like us here at RPS in the now official news hub tucked in the Steam store.

"The News Hub is designed to be flexible and personalized around your games and preferences, with many customization options built in," Valve say. "By default, the News Hub shows posts from the games you play, wishlist, follow, or are recommended. Or, if you want to take full control, you can change all that with a few quick setting adjustments in the left-hand menu. Plus, you can choose to follow and receive news from dozens of top gaming news sources across a variety of languages."

You will definitely want to give your feed a bit of personalising as my fellow RPS newsers also noticed in the March and September versions of the hub. As it did then, the news hub has packed my news feed with information about games that I forgot I owned and games that I don't yet own. There's a bit of Warframe, which I don't own but Steam is recommending to me, and something about ArcheAge which I do apparently have in my library. Phasmophobia's prison level update is in there too, which is a thing I did indeed want to know about on Friday. Ta, Steam.

To better tailor it to what you care about, you can check out the filters over in the sidebar which will let you opt in or out of games that are, say, on your wishlist or recommended to you by Steam or "featured" games. You can also choose whether you'd like to know about sales, events, updates, and other types of posts. When it comes to in-game events, you can set yourself a reminder through your email or Steam mobile app or mobile calendar application.

Further down the sidebar is the news curators section which is where you'll find, hey look, everything I've written on RPS today, along with news from lots of other sites.

You can find the Steam News Hub in the dropdown beneath "Store" on Steam's desktop, web, and mobile versions.

Valve's Steam features testing grounds has already given us a feature that tells you what you should play next, player reviews called community recommendations on the front page, and optional chat filters, among other things.

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