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The Sunday Papers

Fridays are for compiling a list of interesting reading across the week for the RPS readership's attention to be posted on Sunday, because I almost certainly won't be around and/or sober on Sunday due to some Best Man Duties and if I do it now, I can set it to go up automatically then and not worry about it any more. Let's just hope I don't do it in such a rush that I end up linking to some bally pop music.

    • 2K Marin's Steve Gaynor writes about what he describes as Single A Games. As in games which are neither the hyper-budget AAA nor the deliberately restricted aesthetics of the underground indie/retro scenes. Cases in point, Zeno Clash and The Path. He wonders whether this is a sustainable new niche between the two. The comments thread is also interesting, to say the least, as Jonathan Blow notes it's almost certainly Zeno Clash making enough cash to pay for its team. Of course, there's an expense of living aspect to that too. SF is a little bit more expensive than Chile.

Failed. But who cares?

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