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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 18

Why hello there fancy lady and/or gentleman. We're very glad you came, as we believe what we have for you is of great interest. Believed to be the eighteenth podcast from the legendary Rock, Paper, Shotgun website, this audio recording is filled with wits and charms of the like unknown since the Mighty Cataclysm Of 2042. Upon listening your eyes shall be filled with discussions of Plants Vs. Zombies, a smattering of Braid, discussion of Velvet Assassin, and the demise of 3D Realms.

Responding to the enquiring minds of the tweeting throngs, Jim and John answer queries as to which is our favourite PvZ plant, our thoughts on the switcheroo between writing about games and making them, the peculiarity of the Morphine Mode in Velvet Assassin, and our superhero fantasies. There's also brief discussion of Braid, the nature of griefing and whether it's ever a good thing, and of course some thoughts on the passing of 3D Realms, leading into the utterly UNTRUE Chair Story. Which is untrue. Not joking - it's a made up lie. And for some reason we end up discussing pretty doctors.

So get the mp3 directly from here, visit its own site here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here.

Apologies for the quietness. For no understandable reason it decided to be super-crazy-faint this time, and I've boosted it as far as it will go without turning us into angry robots.

To read the UNTRUE Chair Story, go here. The author has posted on the 3D Realms forums (broken all day) that it was fiction, but it's still an interesting peculiarity.

For the Time Most Influential debacle, the original article is here. To see the Top 100, including the top 21 spelling out "MARBLE CAKE ALSO THE GAME" with the first initials of each name, go here. And there's a short article about all that here.

While I'm linking to griefing matters, this article from Wired is fantastic, and this astonishingly comprehensive and in-depth piece from the New York Times is one of the most superb pieces of journalism I've seen.

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