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Sneaky Sneaky: The Swindle Breaking Into July

Nice one, Dan

After four years, one cancellation, and one uncancellation, The Swindle [official site] is faring better than the third Ben & Dan game. What's going on with that, HEY DAN? Anyway, it seems The Swindle will see the light of day, as Size Five Games have announced a release date: July 28th.

The Swindle's a 2D steampunk sneak-o-stealing game about pulling heists in procedurally-generated levels, dodging guards and security to hack systems and swipe loot. Come watch creator Dan Marshall be - ha ha - totally rubbish at his own game, the big fool.

As your naughty thief starts accruing a small fortune, you can get abilities and skills that'll help you break into stronger, better-protected places to steal more cash and then get better gear to... it's a vicious circle that I imagine leads to you stealing the moon. You need to get back out of these places alive, of course.

Apparently that can prove a problem, as Dan shows in this video he made of himself trying to be cool and 'down' with the youths but dying. Witness him, see his mediocrity:

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Ha ha you chuffing great dolt.

[Disclosure: though I've always been unkind to Dan when I've seen him, I'm quite fond of him. Someone has to keep that bravado in check, yeah?]

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