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The Valve Index VR headset is back in stock, for now

Valve expect them to sell out again today.

The Valve Index headset is back in stock. There, that's the post. Seriously though, it's been a bit of a ride the last few weeks watching the upcoming VR-only Half-Life game creep closer as Valve's own VR headset remained out of stock. Half-Life: Alyx, is releasing later this month and it looked like the Index wouldn't get back on the digital shelf in time. You can now order your own Valve Index set, for now at least. It's not clear yet how many units are available and how fast the stock will run out. I'm half expecting orders to stop by the time I'm finished writing this post.

Valve previously confirmed to Road To VR that stock would be coming today, starting at 10am PDT. "Due to high demand, we expect available stock to sell out on Monday. All purchases beyond this initial quantity will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received, as supplies increase over the coming months," Valve said. After hearing that news, some folks got a few wild ideas about how to make sure they got through the checkout process as quick as possible today.

The units are definitely available, or so it would seem. I clicked "order" just to test a purchase and was immediately told that my order had been received and got a confirmation email. In case you were wondering, cancelling an order is just as easy—good for me because I do not have $1000 in my back pocket. Be mindful of the big green button, folks.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on March 23rd, which you can find on Steam. You can play it with any PC-compatible headset, not just the Index. If you're dead-set on Valve's gear, you can find the various Index versions on Steam.

There, post done and so far as I can tell the thing is still available. Have at it.

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