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The Weight Of The World: Gravity

Ludum Dare is the gift that keeps on giving, the jam that keeps on jamming. The latest jar full of sweet goodness to spread all over your monitor is Gravity, picked out by the observant folk over at IndieGames. A tiny island floats above lava, which is rather silly of it, and blocks slowly fall from above. If they hit the island, all life ceases to exist immediately and the final score is tallied, which is what happens when you die. A leaderboard appears. At least here the objective is clear; survive as long as possible. This is achieved by shooting the blocks and either deflecting them into the lava with your bullets, or shoving them off the island once they crash. They're heavy, you see, and they'll drag you down if you're not careful. Play in your browser now.

There's not a lot to Gravity but it's executed splendidly. I particularly like the lamp post on the island, it makes me feel it's a place worth protecting. I also enjoy firing bullets that are so tuneful.

My highest score is pitiful so I'm not going to share it. I always seem to end up sweeping blocks off the edge of the island and then fail to notice that one has evaded my haphazard defensive volleys.

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