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The Witcher: Old World is a prequel board game arriving next year

Play as your very own Witcher, well before Geralt's hunting days

I always thought it'd be pretty cool if The Witcher series let you play as a make-your-own Witcher rather than grizzly lad Geralt all the time. While I might not be able to do that in video game form any time soon, I might be able to in a board game instead. CD Projekt Red have announced The Witcher: Old World, a tabletop prequel to The Witcher trilogy, where we'll get to explore and hunt monsters well before Mr. Rivia started bloodying up the place.

Old World is designed for two to five players who all get to become their very own monster hunter who recently finished training in one of the Witcher schools: Wolf, Viper, Cat, Bear or Griffin. Just like Geralt does in the video games and Netflix show, you'll take on contracts to kill beasts. You might have the occasional brawl with another Witcher - they seem like an angry lot, bit of an occupational hazard, I suppose.

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There's no real info about what goodies you get in the box, though header image of this article (from the Kickstarter page) suggests some nice chunky figures are up for grabs.

To make Old World, CDPR have partnered with Go On Board, a board game publisher behind Valhalla (popular name that) and Titans. They're launching a Kickstarter on May 21st to crowdfund the game, and assuming that goes well, they expect to release it in April next year.

You can find out a little more info on The Witcher website, or follow the campaign on Kickstarter to be notified when it launches.

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