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Molasses Flood's upcoming Witcher title seems to have co-op, PvE and more

It's getting Sirius

A series of senior job listings have revealed some details about The Molasses Flood’s upcoming Witcher game, codenamed Project Sirius. The studio behind Flame In The Flood were acquired by CD Projekt Red back in 2021, and CDPR first mentioned Sirius in an investor call last October. The project was initially described as "an innovative take on The Witcher universe telling an unforgettable story.” We now know that this “unforgettable story” could potentially be told inside of a multiplayer game, or at least a game with multiplayer and social elements.

The job listing for senior multiplayer designer mentions co-op and PvE settings, a variety of game modes, “class design,” and “social activities.” It’s hard to speculate so early on, but I wouldn’t be opposed to hanging out in Kaer Morhen - or any of the other Witcher schools - in between missions. Although, my fondness for Gwent might turn into a compulsion if you let me play it with friends.

Other job postings call the game a “stylized” and “systems heavy action-adventure game.” Even if Project Sirius plays similarly to CDPR’s RPGs, it might end up looking a little different. This “stylized” approach would fit Molasses’ previous looks with Flame In The Flood and Drake Hollow. The only other interesting tidbit was the mention of "branching and non-linear storytelling," which sounds especially interesting in a multiplayer space. Of course, like any in-development project, this is all subject to change until it’s in the wild.

Project Sirius is only one of the many Witcher games in development right now. At last year’s “long-term product outlook,” CDPR announced that they’re working on a whole new trilogy of Witcher games, while a remake of 2007’s The Witcher is being handed off to Fool’s Theory.

The Witcher series has been in the news a lot recently, thanks to The Witcher 3’s next-gen update. The update was a little troublesome for PC folks, but last month’s hotfix seems to have fixed some of the problems with performance and ray tracing.

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