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Netflix shows off more The Witcher season 2 clips and announces season 3

Oh, and a children's series is in the works too for some reason

If you thought there was any risk of Netflix dumping Geralt and company in the near future, you can rest your head easy after this weekend. They've now shown off several more clips for the upcoming second season of their main, Cavill-powered Witcher TV series and also announced that they're definitely going to be going for a third season. Not just that, but there are even more Witcher projects on the way: another animated movie, that Blood Origin series, and—for some unfathomable reason—a children's show.

The new trailer for The Witcher's second season is the one right down here. It's a bit of a mashup of season one recap and clips from season two, mind. Geralt and Ciri make their way to witcher base Kaer Morhen. Yennefer has been taken captive by the Nilfgaardians. Jaskier is mostly unseen apart from one very quick shot of him rather disheveled and screaming. You also get a quick look at Kim Bodnia as a somewhat better kempt version of Vesemir than you'll remember from CD Projekt Red's adaptation.

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There's even more, yet, because Netflix also showed quick clips from two more scenes from season 2. There's one of Geralt and Nivellen throwing daggers together and chatting about how much Geralt ought to tell Ciri about witchers. Then there's a clip of Geralt and Ciri together in which Geralt tells Ciri to hoof it while he gets caught up hunting a bruxa.

All that comes along with the promise that there will in fact be a season 3 of their main Witcher series and oh boy that sure is not all. Netflix are fully planning to squeeze every last drop out of that stoney face. Now that their animated Vesemir origin story has come and gone, Netflix say they're planning another animated movie in the universe.

They're also working on a "fun-filled kids and family series." You know, becasue Andrzej Sapkowski's universe of grim magic and monster hunters is ripe for a children's show. I joke but, hell, I won't be surprised if they manage to pull a surprisingly decent monster-of-the-week style show out of the hat or something else of the like.

That's all the detail on those for now. The main Witcher world feature for the rest of this year will be season 2 premiering on December 17th on Netflix.

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