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Here's the full trailer for Netflix's The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, feat. young, hot Vesemir

At last, it's his time to shine

As a child, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster or an Indiana Jones. TBH, I’d still quite like to be either. But I don’t want to be a Witcher after watching The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf's new trailer. It shows off the really rather stressful process that creates a Witcher, and it’s something I don’t want any part of. I prefer my fictional job goals to involve way less imbibing of mutagenic goo*.

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Geralt’s Mentor, Vesemir, however, is well up for it. He’s the focus of Nightmare of the Wolf. His beginnings as a Witcher are explored in this anime prequel to the live action series. I watched it through my fingers, not because I was scared, but because I’ve yet to watch the main series and was preparing myself for spoilers.

I don’t think I spotted any. Vesemir’s tale starts off fairly typical of the mercenary life of a Witcher: he beards up, hunts things, and lounges in bathtubs. He also underestimates a witch. It all seems quite lairy until a series of murders is pinned on Witchers, and it’s up to him to find out who’s doing the killing and prove that it wasn’t him.

That’s our lot for now, but you won’t have to wait long to see how Vesemir got his groove back. Nightmare of the Wolf is out August 23 on Neflix. Season two of their live action Cavill-centric Witcher series arrives December 17. Dun-dunnn.

*That stuff Indy was forced to drink in The Temple of Doom was a hallucinogenic goo. There's a difference.

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