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That medallion from the new Witcher game was a lynx, by the way

The missing lynx

Dunno if you've heard, but they're making a new Witcher game. Sounds cool, I love indie games. Anyway, it's now been confirmed that the animal medallion they teased a few days ago was a lynx.

"Ok, some mysteries should not be so mysterious," CD Projekt Red's global communication director Robert Malinowski said to Eurogamer. "I can confirm that the medallion is, in fact, shaped after a lynx." So there you go, it's all solved. Except, hang on, I still have no idea what that means.

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There was a lot of speculation initially that the medallion might be about Ciri, because she gets a cat medallion in one of the books or something. But it turns out that there is no Lynx School in any of the Witcher stuff that's been released so far. It's not in the books, not in the games, and certainly not in the Netflix TV show.

The only piece of Witcher media that did mention a Lynx School was some good ol' fanfiction from 2019. In this universe, the badboy witcher Lambert met up with his sorceress girlfriend Keira Metz, and went south for a little bit before eventually deciding to reform the Cat School into the Lynx School. A classic love story.

I'm guessing CD Projekt Red is not going to be using fanfiction as the basis for their story. The most reasonable guess I have is that The Witcher 4 (not even confirmed as the project's name yet) will be about a new, unseen witcher character entirely. Geralt had a wolf medallion, so this has gotta be someone else right? Maybe you'll even get to customise them, in the same way that Cyberpunk 2077 lets you make your own version of V. Wait, does this mean other witcher schools exist? Is there a mandrill school we don't know about?

There's almost no information on what the new Witcher game is about, or when it's coming out, but we do know it's using Unreal Engine 5 and won't be Epic Games Store exclusive. But what the community wants to see from it is a separate issue, with Ed opting for a horse that lets you double-jump.

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