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There goes the neighbourhood! Cities Skylines welcomes Natural Disasters next week


If you, like me, kneel at your bedside to whisper the prayer "Lord Godzilla, rise from your slumber and scour humanity from the Earth with your purifying nuclear fire", you may be comforted by apocalyptic visions in the upcoming Cities: Skylines [official site] expansion. Natural Disasters won't bring rampaging monsters to the spunky build 'em up (as far as I know) but it will rain meteors, wash sins away with tsunami, and all that good stuff. The wait is almost over, as publishers Paradox have announced Natural Disasters will launch on November 29th. They've shown it off in a new trailer too.

The Natural Disasters expansion will see your cities suffering catastrophes with tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, meteor strikes, sinkholes, storms, and other nasties. Bad things will happen when they strike. You'll get to build bunkers for cities to hide out (if they can reach them) and send in disaster relief choppers, and if you're flush you can build early warning systems like deep space radar to watch the skies. And, as I always ended up doing in Sim City 2000, you can call in disasters for funsies.

A free update is due to launch alongside Natural Disasters, adding scenarios and a scenario editor to provide winning and losing conditions for people who enjoy a little purpose.

Natural Disasters will cost £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 when it hits Steam next Tuesday.

The gang at developers Colossal Order gab a bit about all that in a new video dev diary. What a fun bunch they seem:

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