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There's Wallace: Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone first came to my attention while I was trying not to watch the GTA V trailer six thousand times to work out if one of the character models was a fatter, older version of an important bloke from a previous entry in the series. I wasn't sure whether a platform game about quadrilateral quandaries was all that interesting but David Housden's music decided me, mysterious and melancholy it brought about a quivering of the lip and, having just listened again, definitely reminds me of The Postal Service more than a bit. It's something of a shame then that the music now has to fade out to make room for narrator Danny Wallace, who you may know from radio, television and books.

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It seems the past participle is more important than I realised, because there's a Lego set's worth of blocks jumping about the place. Not a very big Lego set, admittedly. In fact, its the kind that Weird Uncle Billy Burroughs would deliver four days after Christmas, more an assortment of found debris than a child's construction kit, but we still made castles out of them and we were thankful.

There's a markedly different tone now that the voiceover is in place, a droll musing on the relationships between the shapes rather than a tender affection for them. The game is out 'soon' on both Mac and PC and I'm very much interested to see how it turns out.

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