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They'll Regret That: AvP Multiplayer Frothing

Man, this was a lucky escape. I was at a preview event for the upcoming Aliens vs Predator remake/sequel's multiplayer mode a few weeks back, at which Men With Cameras were on the prowl for talking heads - specifically, a few journalists to give this game they'd seen (frankly, not all that much of) a big thumbs-up. Hmm. A fortunate confluence of having to run for a train and looking like a hobo meant I dodged this fate. The gentlemen below did not. As well as all their smiling for their close-ups, there's some footage of the multiplayer and commentary from a Rebellion senior bod.

Apologies for the rather squiffy video quality - that's me being a bit over-aggressive with the compression settings. I have much to learn.

My feelings on the multiplayer remain uncertain, incidentally. It was certainly close to the olden game in many ways, so I felt both the joy of familiarity and worry about limited novelty. The major difference was the ability/limitation (depending on how you look at it) of the Aliens and Preds to auto-leap to specific spots and to activate stealth kills from quite some distance away, which will hopefully lead to more cinematic takedowns and not too much annoying ganking.

Alas, I had to play it on a Playstation 3, so any muscle memory I had of the original on PC was lost, and the controls seemed a little over-complicated as a result. So I'm keen to play it on PC before passing any kind of judgement - and most especially I want to try out the new game's interpretation of Skirmish mode, which sadly wasn't in the build I played. A game I shall continue to follow keenly, certainly. But not to the point that anyone can film me offering wide-utterances about how double-plus awesome it looks.

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