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Heist adventure series Thief of Thieves begins today

Thieves see in inky scribblevision

Rival Games's episodic sneak-thief comic adaptation Thief of Thieves has successfully infiltrated stores today, or at least the first volumes of this particular season has. It's based on Robert Kirkman's (The Walking Dead) comic of the same name, and our man Alec is currently casing the joint for a full review. Those feeling a little daring can take a peek for themselves at the launch trailer within.

Thief of Thieves looks to be an interesting mix of point-and-clicker elements. The trailer shows some more traditional 'avoid line of sight' stealth action, but for the most part you're meant to be sneaking in with a little more class than that, investigating for holes in security, talking your way out of trouble and other such master thief/spy-fantasy stuff. This particular season backs up its comic inspirations with a voice-cast of some renown, including the eternally gravelly-voiced Elias 'Adam Jensen' Toufexis. Presumably, he asked for this.

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The game promises some familiar Telltale-esque elements, with the broad arc of the story being a linear progression, but some of the details such as character relationships and certain moral choices being left up to the player. Quite whether it can sell the escalating tension of a good heist story is to be answered another day. Alec's assembling his team and still needs a driver, I hear.

While Thief of Thieves: Season 1 is being released episodically, you're not going to have to wait too long for the remaining volumes of this run. The current release on Steam includes volumes 1 & 2, while the third us due on July 23rd, and the fourth and final volume will be capping off the month on July 30th. It's an interesting way to launch a game, and it'll be interesting to see if it keeps people coming back week after week, or whether it puts people off buying it until all parts have been released.

Thief of Thieves: Season 1 is available on Steam now for £17.54/20.69€/$22.49.

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