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Walking Dead creator's Thief of Thieves gets heist game

Comic crimes

Another comic from Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, is getting the video game treatment. Thief of Thieves, his comic about a Thief, will next year spawn an episodic heist game. Named simply Thief of Thieves [official site], it'll let us rob all sorts of colourful places as Celia, the apprentice of the comic's protagonist. It's leaning on those comic book stylings for its art, as you can see in this here announcement trailer I've whipped out a PR person's pocket:

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Developers Rival Games describe Thief of Thieves as "a character-driven game of heists and the people who perform them," which "combines a strong, branching narrative with diverse gameplay, such as stealth, social engineering and lockpicking." And quick-time events aplenty, going by that trailer.

"While the comic book series introduces Celia in a flashback, the game will detail how Celia became an accomplished thief of her own," the blurb says. Learning how to heist sounds peachy to me.

Thief of Thieves Season One is due on Steam in early 2018, by the end of March, and will come in four episodes. It's the second game from Rival Games, following Telltale-inspired episodic noir 'em up The Detail.

Gang, what's the Thief of Thieves comic like? I trust most of you have spurned the medium of funny pages ever since Kieron abandoned us to write words for naughty robots (he doesn't even draw and colour-in the pictures! he makes other people do that!) but surely someone is disloyal enough to know something.

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