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Thimbleweed Park is free on the Epic Games Store

Reuniting the creators of Maniac Mansion

The latest game going free on the Epic Games Store is Thimbleweed Park, 2017's retro reunion of Maniac Mansion creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. It's a point 'n' click adventure game in ye olde waye, with jokes and puzzles and pixels and a SCUMM-like 'select actions from a menu' sorta interface, and it's pretty good. For free, mate, get in.

Thimbleweed Park explores the eponymous weird town through five playable characters, including FBI agents investigating a corpse, a ghost, and a sweary clown. Jokes, puzzles, foolishness - you get it.

Our former Adam (RPS in peace) was won over, despite some irksome elements, in Thimbleweed Park review:

"By the end, all of my earlier frustrations didn't seem to matter, though it's important to remember that they absolutely did at times during the hours I was playing, and if I was disappointed at all it was because Thimbleweed Park doesn't pack more emotional punches into its running time. As the individual stories play out, Ransome and Delores in particular show that Gilbert and his team care for their characters and their disappointments. This is more recognisably the work of writers who showed empathy for Guybrush and Elaine and their dreams than the people who brought us insult swordfighting."

Thimbleweed Park is free to nab for keepsies from the Epic Games Store until March 7th. You will of course need to register with Epic and use their client, because the whole point of Epic paying to cover these giveaways is to lure more people onto their new digishop.

Their other big move is splashing cash to secure exclusives from small studios and megapublishers alike. Our John is not impressed by the scloosie play.

The next free game on the Epic Games Store will be oddball explore-o-farming game Slime Rancher, from March 7th.

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