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This ClickHole Text Adventure Will Terrify And Inspire You

Spin-off from The Onion

Last time I wrote about a free miniature Choose Your Own Adventure game the response was a little muted, but hopefully this time around y'all will enjoy the recommendation a bit more. Because! This one is funnier.

The Mysterious Shadows of Skullshadow Island is featured on ClickHole, which is apparently a spin-off of classic satirical organ The Onion. I'm clearly out of the loop as I'd no idea they'd done this, but ClickHole's mission statement of parodying sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy is one I can get behind. The listicle is the bane of my Facebook feed.

(Uh, not that I've not written them myself. I have a hungry mouth to feed: mine.)

The adventure itself posits you as Eric Coleman, the younger of the famous crime-fighting Coleman brothers, boy adventurers extraordinaire. As the adventure begins you're paddling a canoe towards the mysterious, shadowy Skullshadow Island, which apparently is inhabited by terrifying g-g-g-ghosts!

If you've ever enjoyed The Venture Brothers you'll likely get a lot out of this short, silly adventure. Its author is apparently a bit of a fan as well, judging by the names of your brother and the island itself, not to mention the manner in which it sends up the neckerchiefed, pre-pubescent boy adventurer concept by hurling it full pelt into a rather less innocent world.

There are quite a few endings to this short game, most of them unpleasant, and it's an amusing way to spend ten or fifteen minutes. Go on: be amused!

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