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This Sporting Mod: TF2's Great Class Dash

If you thought our second Canabalt-like game of the day had little hope of competing with a game about a robot unicorn. You'd be wrong. But if you thought our second Canabalt-like game of the day had little hope of competing with a game with an Erasure soundtrack, you'd be right. The Great Class Dash may stumble on the music front, but it's an ace little puzzle-platformer, and it's also the prettiest Team Fortress 2 - for which it is a mod - has ever been.

Out goes the high-speed shooting's gone, in comes high-speed problem solving. Your character auto-runs to the right at all times, and as in Canabalt et al it's your job to steer him out of the way of deadly obstacles. Jump, Scout! Wait, no! Switch to the Heavy and smash through that wall instead. No, wait! Become a Sniper to scare away that scary snake. Wait, no! Jump, Scout!

The key challenge is remember which key transforms you to which class so that you can deal with whatever fail condition is impending, and increasingly to immediately switch to another class afterwards. It's very cute, and very pretty - and also a very early build, which is why the jumping's a bit off and characters occasionally get stuck in the floor. It's a lovely demonstration of how excellent the TF2 artstyle and universe is, and it's yours for 70-odd megawotsits.

If you can't wait, it looks like this:

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