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This Valheim mod adds more Sparta to your kick

Give your calves some definition

Whenever I'm mining, picking raspberries, and just going about my business, Valheim has this habit of shoving horrid creatures my way. In particular, Greydwarfs, these irritating pests I wish I could give a proper boot. Lo and behold, this is now possible thanks to a mod which increases your character's punting prowess.

A viking by the name of "KodaichiZero" has created a Valheim mod aptly titled, "Give 'Em The Boot", which imbues your foot "with the power of a true warrior". Namely, it gives your unarmed kick increased and scaling knockback, alongside an upwards trajectory.

Before you get too excited, this mod isn't going to give you Final Boss Wayne Rooney levels of leg strength. You won't be able to send trolls shooting into the stratosphere, or boars into the sun. What it will do, though, is let you send smaller enemies flying with your foot. Land that finishing blow with your tootsie and it'll propel them upwards, accompanied by some flavour text like "SEEYA" and "PUNT".

Here's the mod in action:

Normally, kicks in Valheim are tame. You press the middle mouse button without a weapon equipped and you'll thrust your leg out. Connect with an enemy and it'll stagger them a bit, I guess? But it's no Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic kick. That's one heck of a weighty hoof. And if we're talking big boots, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Spartan Kick has Valheim's totally beat too.

But this mod at least pushes Valheim's kick closer to these two great punts in games. Plus, it seems like KodaichiZero might kick things up a notch (heh) soon. In response to a user asking if they could add the homerun sound from Super Smash Bros (a great suggestion), they said they might add a config file that'll increase scaling beyond "what's reasonable", and "exclude weight from the equation entirely". Truly, they are a viking warrior after my heart.. and legs.

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