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Tickets are on sale now for EGX's return to Birmingham

March 4th to 6th

EGX is returning to Birmingham this year, March 4th-6th, and tickets are on sale now. The three-day event takes the place of EGX Rezzed, which was formerly held in London, and runs from Friday until Sunday.

Right now there's little information about what games, panels or other activities are available at the show. The EGX site does outline the health & safety measures being taken in light of Covid-19.

EGX returned to physical events last October in London after a Covid-caused hiatus. It was a smaller event than normal, though RPS was there as always to present panels. RPS will be present at EGX Birmingham at the NEC, too, with the specifics to be confirmed.

If you don't already know, EGX is an event operated by ReedPop, who also own and operate Rock Paper Shotgun. They're not making me say any of this, but EGX is genuinely a good time, and it was fun when I went last October. I'm looking forward to attending the Birmingham show. Come say hi!

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