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TIE Fighter: Total Conversion is a stunning mod remake of the classic Star Wars shooter

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade mod adds new lighting, models, cockpits, and VR

As we've previously mentioned, X-Wing Alliance Upgrade is an incredible overhaul of the ancient space shooter that makes it look like it was made yesterday, in a galaxy right next door. Everything has been renewed by the modders, bringing 3D cockpits, gorgeous lighting, upgraded ship models, and even VR to the game. That spectacular work has resulted in another remake.

TIE Fighter: Total Conversion is a mod for Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, perfectly recreating one of the best space games and arguably best ever Star Wars game of all time, Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It once again has me plugging in my headset and dusting off my joystick.

It's such a simple fix alongside the luxurious lighting and superb modelling, but I love the galactic backdrops they've added. It really makes it all pop.

As spotted by Kotaku, this is more than the TIE Fighter you remember. According to the devs, they’re "taking advantage of the much better XWA engine and imagining how TIE Fighter could've been had the technology of the time not limited it."

The complete overhaul has upgraded the original game, enabling bigger battles with more ships. They’ve added their own missions, too, but have kept the storyline beats where you’d expect them to be. With the original game and the Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire expansions remade, there are 145 missions in this one mod.

Some people of a certain age have probably been dreaming of a TIE Fighter remake or remaster for decades. Wake up! It’s here. You just need X-Wing Alliance to play it, and you can grab it on Steam or GOG right now.

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