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Timely Disaster: Neocolonialism

I very much fancy giving this a crack, but Quantum Conundrum is the current game on my pixel-plate and it is only fair to finish one meal before proceeding gluttonously to the next. Neocolonialism is a turn-based, multiplayer-centric strategy game that's all about sucking as much money out of the world for your own personal gain as possible. "It is a game of world domination that does not have nukes, but does have austerity packages." Like I say, timely.

It's played between 3 and 6 people, each trying to gain more cash than the others by buying and flogging sovereign bonds, influencing parliament and corrupting the IMF. In other words, you roleplay as an exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek version of the tie-wearing ultra-capitalist psychopaths who are responsible for the current dire state of the global economy.

A fine, acutely contemporary topic then, although I can't currently attest to the efficacy of its claimed 'sarcasm' because there are no other PC gamers on my local network. Also Quantum Condundrum, etc. So would you mind having a look for me?

There's a free alpha version out now, which supports LAN play only at present. Online support is planned for the near-future, but in the meantime it might be worth giving Hamachi or suchlike a shot. There's no sound or tutorial either and it's probably buggy, plus Mediafire is the only host for now, but if you can round up some friends to join your LAN, have a crack at bringing the world to its knees together.

The download's a mere 10MB and my virus-checker incorrectly claimed it was dangerous, because my virus checker is a dick. You hear me, Mr Avast? I'm going to uninstall your unreliable, naggy thing right now. That'll learn you, eh?

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