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Tomb Raider is 100% off, yes free, until Monday

Who raids the raider?

Welcome to the free games website where we tell you about all the games that are free. Here's another game that is (temporarily) free: Tomb Raider. Unlike the many demos and temporarily free to try games flying about right now, Tomb Raider is actually free to keep if you add it to your Steam account this weekend. Square Enix have put a 100% discount on Lara Croft's origin story adventure from 2013 through Monday, March 24th.

Last year Alice L asked "Have you played Tomb Raider?" and if the answer is still "no" well, look, you don't have to play it but you can.

"As origin stories go, I think this is one of my favourites," Alice says. "It still has much of what you expect from a Tomb Raider game, namely puzzles and exploration, but has a primary focus on survival and stealth, which was something the reboot brought in fresh, and set the tone for the two follow up entries." There may be a lot of death and a lot of tears but honestly, Lara's transition to hardened badass is a "big mood" as the kids, and Alice, say.

It looks like the two sequels to Tomb Raider's modern reboot are also on sale, but not at 100% off, alas. Rise Of The Tomb Raider is 70% off and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is 67% discounted. There's also a jumbo pack Tomb Raider Collection bundle whamming the price on the lot of old and new games down to £48.59/€63.57/$66.54.

You can find Tomb Raider in all its free glory on Steam.

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